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Summer Training

2012 Summer Training Camp process has begun. A worksheet was handed out to cadets on parade Nov 03 and asked to be brought back as soon as possible. The worksheets that have been returned are updated on the parade square notice board to show who has completed an application and it has been returned. Please check your entry to confirm it has been recieved.

Updated Nov 21, 2011

Summer Training Contacts

Capt Howie - Primary Contact

Capt Cadenhead - Secondary Contact


Summer training of Air Cadets takes place at one of over a dozen summer training centres (STC) across the country during the months of July and August. To be eligible for summer training, you must have joined the Squadron prior to December 31 of the training year.

Now available - 2012 CSTC Info Pamphlet.doc click for download


Courses Offered

Many Courses are offered thru Cadet Summer Training. Please review the Summer Training Course Summary for courses for the level you will have completed at the end of the current training year. Once you have selected a course, review the details in the Summer Training Course Description page to ensure that this course meets your needs. Consult the CO, DCO and/or Summer Training Coordinator if you need any assistance. Your Summer Training Coordinator is Capt Howie, who can be contacted via e-mail

  1. Summer Training Course Summary by Level and Type
  2. Summer Training Course Descriptions.
  3. CATO 51-01 Annex C - Summer Training Rules/Descriptions

General Information

  1. All cadets applying for air cadet summer training must be medically fit and submit a completed form CF-51, "Application and Approval ? Cadet Activities." These forms are printed using the FORTRESS application and are available to cadets from their Squadron staff. Additionally, senior cadets applying for an Advanced Specialty Course must complete a form DND 2226 (7-09) "Air Cadet Summer Training ? National Courses." Cadets applying for any of the music courses must submit a completed form DND 757 "Music Training Application" along with their CF-51. Note that, due to the remote location of some Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTCs), cadets with severe allergies or other medical conditions that may require rapid medical attention may be precluded from attending certain courses.

  2. Applicants must have parent/guardian consent, and must be recommended by their Commanding Officer (CO). The cadet must have successfully completed the required training level, and also meet any other prerequisite(s) specific to the course(s) for which the application is made. A cadet's 19th birthday must occur after the return travel date. In all cases, the cadet must have demonstrated an interest in, and aptitude for, further air cadet training. Cadets who report for summer training and are found not to meet course prerequisites may be re-coursed or returned to unit, at the discretion of the CSTC CO. See CATO 51-01 for detailed course information.

  3. Cadets are selected for Advanced Specialty courses by a board composed of officials from the Air Cadet League of Canada (Ontario Provincial Committee) and officers appointed by the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central). Selections for these courses follow strict criteria that consider length of cadet service, rank, training level, previous summer training, school marks, general knowledge, dress, deportment, motivation, interest and aptitude. In order to evaluate these attributes, cadets must submit a one-page written narrative, a copy of their school transcript, and copies of their cadet training record and previous CSTC course report(s). Further, some courses require attending an interview board, and successfully passing a qualifying examination. The League publishes detailed instructions that are available on-line or from squadron staff. Advanced specialty course applications are submitted through the squadron, but must arrive at the League's Ontario Provincial Committee office, postmarked before 15 Jan.

  4. The Regional Cadet Music Training Officer selects cadets for music training; all other selections for Familiarization and Introductory Specialty Courses are made at the Area Cadet Detachments. Selections are based on area allocations, previous training performance, and the squadron CO's recommendation.

  5. A training bonus of $10 per day is paid to every cadet for each day of training they complete (to a weekly maximum of $60, and a course maximum of $360). Depending on the course and CSTC, this may be paid upon completion of the course, or portions of the bonus may be paid during the course.

For more information, here are some important Links to other websites

Cadets Canada
Cadets Canada - Central Region
Air Cadet League of Canada
Air Cadet League of Canada - Ontario Committee

Links to Summer Training Centre's

Please refer to the joining instructions for detailed information about the summer training centre, kit list exceptions, contacts and FAQ's.

  1. General Information
  2. Blackdown
  3. CRGS - Gliding
  4. Connaught
  5. Saint Jean
  6. Trenton

Applying for Summer Training

Non National Courses

The following document needs to be completed to apply for a Summer Camp. Prior to completing this application, please review the Summer Training Course Summary by Level and Type to select the right camp, based on the qualifications and the direction you wish to take in your cadet career (e.g. pilot, leadership).

These Course Selection forms will be reviewed by the Summer Training Co-coordinator, Co and DCO. We may return some cadets with alternate suggestions based on your cadet career goals. We will also validate that you meet the required qualifications for the courses.

Once we have finalized your selections, the course selections will be entered into FORTRESS(Cadet Administration System).

Parents and Cadets will be asked to sign the completed application. Sign Up nights will be arranged in early January 2012. If you can't make one of these nights, you can see the Summer Training Coordinator on our Regular Thursday Training nights.

The applications are then sent into Trenton Detachment by mid January 2012.

Notification of camp selections is not usually known until Late April to Early May.

National Courses

  1. The same process will be followed as described above.
  2. In Addition, cadets that apply and qualify for the advanced courses will require additional information. Based on the courses requested, cadets will need to complete other pre-qualifications (e.g, Flying Scholarship course for Glider/Power). A information night will be held in November for any cadet looking to apply for these courses.
  3. The Applications for National Courses must be sent into the Air Cadet League Office in Toronto by mid January 2012.

Any Cadet that is applying for Glider or Power and hasn't received a Medical must book this with a certified transport Canada medical examiner. See the web-link below to find the nearest examiner to you. This should be scheduled in December for a Mid March exam. The medical certificate must be received by the Air Cadet League by June 1.

Transport Canada - Medical Examiner Search Page


Notification of Selection for Summer Training

Dates for Summer Training

The Dates subject to change ? check the Joining Instructions and travel orders for correct final dates and times.

two-week Intake A
Jul 4 - 15
Intake B
Jul 18 - 29
Intake C
Aug 1 - 12
three-week Intake A
Jul 4 - 22
Intake B
Jul 25 - Aug 12
six-week Jul 4 - Aug 12    
seven-week Jun 27 - Aug 12    

Review the Following Material

Parent / Cadet Briefing - a short presentation to help guide parents and cadets prior to departure for summer camp.

Kit List - a list of what to take to summer camp, look for the summer camp location and only pack what is mentioned, please exclude the blue turtleneck sweater and parka.

Joining Instructions - all you need to know about summer camp, plus location specific details (e.g. Graduation Dates, Visiting Times, Driving Directions). These can be found in the appendix at the back of the document.

Prior to leaving for Summer Training

Complete the Cadet Transportation Form, this is your ticket to get on the bus.

Look for updates on when/where your Bus will leave.

Pick up your Summer Cadet Kit

Review the Kit List, only pack what it says

Ensure that any updates to Personal Information have been given to the Summer Training Coordinator


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