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Trillium in Action with our Band Grant

In the Fall of 2005, the 2 VandenBos Squadron Band was made possible entirely by an Ontario Trillium Foudation Grant of $22,700 to obtain 26 Instruments, ancilliaries and accessories. The Ontario Trillium Foundation, an Agency of the Ministry of Culture, receives annually $100 million of government funding generated through Ontario's charity casino initiative which it distributes as grants.

Within a month of the first practice, the band was able to perform duties at the weekly squadron parades, playing O Canada and God Save The Queen, adding inspection music soon after. Also in its first year, the band performed at the Annual Cadet Dinner, the Annual Squadron Review, made a guest appearance with the Durham Chamber Orchestra, and entertained prior to the Snowbirds' Airshow in Oshawa.

2 Whitby VandenBos Band

There are several types of bands in the cadet program. There are Pipes and Drums, Drum and Bugle, Brass and Reed and even a few Fife and Drum bands. Our band is in the category of Brass and Reed. It is a traditional military band consisting of brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones, french horns, baritone/euphonium and tuba, and reeds such as flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. Also part of the band are snare drums, a bass drum and glockenspiel or bells.

The band program serves to teach cadets how to read music and perform on these instruments. Some of our band members receive no other music instruction so they learn everything they need to play in the band at cadets. The instruments and music are provided free of charge. The band performs each week at the beginning and end of each training night. Other duties include ceremonial Cadet functions and civic parades.

Each year the Regional Cadet Authority holds an Annual Band and Drill Competition. Cadet bands from all over the region (Central Ontario, in our case) prepare two assigned marches and a compulsory set of drill movements on the parade square. Along with these two marches, the band must play inspection music and other ceremonial music as well as a free-style presentation using music of their own choice and a marching routine drawn from the drill manual.

The competition is held in the spring of each year and the top bands in each category compete at the provincial level a few weeks later. Awards are given for top Pipe band, top Brass and Reed band, top Drum and Bugle corps, and top Drum Major.

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